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Here you will find similar height signs listed for our rides. Please view all parts to ensure safe clean fun!

Any, and all ride Height or safety Concerns are subject to the Operators Discretion, An Operator may deny you from a ride if this may lead to a safety concern.

The Green portion represents the required height to ride without an accompanying adult

The Yellow portion represents that the rider MUST have a supervising adult join the rider onto the ride.

The Red represents that any rider in this zone may NOT ride this ride under any circumstances. Even if accompanied by a supervising adult

The amount of tickets PER RIDER will be shown and will vary per ride.

Please take a moment to read the saftey summary to ensure this you are able to ride this ride

Please Secure all Belonging before attempting to ride any ride, Gopher State Exposition's are NOT RESPONSIBLE, for any lost or damaged items

Gopher State Expositions thrive to provide excellent service to all, if for any reason you may think this was not provided, Please Contact us on site at our "Guest Relations Ticket box" Or use the "contact us" page

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