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About us

    In 1948 Arthur and Mildred Forcier formed Gopher State Shows. A carnival based out of Saint Cloud, MN. The name comes from Minnesota being refered to as "The Gopher State". Together with their 8 children they opperated 5 rides and a few concessions.


     In 1968 Arthur Jr. & Shirley Forcier decided to purchase the show from his parents. After the show was paid for they added another piece of equipment, each year progressing to meet demand and competition. By 1981 the show had changed considerably, and it was decided the name be changed to Gopher State Expositions.


     Today the show fields 25-30 rides & 20-30 independant concessions. Our route currently includes Minnesota, Iowa and operate from May - October. We feature clean, safe foreign and domestic rides, tasty foods and confections also quality games of skill.


     Art & Shirley continue on with the family business and work closely with the now third generation owners Randy and Tony Forcier in maintaining day to day operations as well as planning for the future of the business. It is hopeful that the fourth generation of Forcier's will continue with the legacy of providing the family fun that the carnival brings to people all over.

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